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Using a Jigger like a Pro!

If you want to add a touch of flair and showmanship to your bartending skills, learning how to twirl a jigger in your hand is a great technique to master. This impressive move not only showcases your dexterity but also adds an element of visual appeal to your cocktail-making routine. In this tutorial, we will guide you step-by-step through the process of twirling a jigger like a pro.

Step 1: Choose the Right Jigger

Select a jigger that is well-balanced and comfortable to hold. Look for one with a smooth and sleek design that allows for a good grip. Stainless steel jiggers are often ideal for twirling due to their weight and durability.

Find my number 1 Jigger HERE

Find my number 2 Jigger HERE

Step 2: Start with a Firm Grip

Hold the jigger by the larger cup, positioning it between your thumb and index finger. Ensure that your grip is firm but not overly tight, allowing for a fluid motion.

Step 3: Practice the Basic Rotation

To get started, rotate the jigger in a circular motion using your thumb and index finger. Begin by moving the jigger in a clockwise direction. Practice this motion until you feel comfortable and the jigger rotates smoothly in your hand.

Step 4: Increase the Speed

Once you have mastered the basic rotation, gradually increase the speed of your twirl. This will add a sense of dynamism and showmanship to your jigger twirling technique. Remember to maintain control and a steady grip as you increase the speed.

Step 5: Incorporate Jigger Twirling into Your Bartending Routine

Once you have honed your jigger twirling skills, you can incorporate this technique into your bartending routine. Consider twirling the jigger as you pour a measured amount of liquid into a mixing glass or shake it in tandem with your cocktail shaker for an impressive display.

Mastering the art of jigger twirling takes time, patience, and practice. As with any skill, consistency is key. Start with the basic rotation and gradually increase your speed. With dedication and perseverance, you'll be able to twirl a jigger like a seasoned professional, wowing your guests and adding a touch of finesse to your bartending repertoire. Cheers to your jigger twirling success!

Check out the video below for a visual!

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